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Puyallup Carpet & Floor serving Puyallup, Bonney Lake

Rike Carpet & Floor does not own a fancy showroom or expensive displays, but we do keep your money where it belongs. . .in your pocket. We do carry quality carpet, residential and commercial, from names such as Shaw, Stainmaster, Beaulieu, Pergo, Armstrong and Philadelphia to name just a few. We sevice from Seattle to Tacoma

When you visit Rike you will not find inflated prices to help pay our overhead or advertising costs. Satisfied customers are all the advertisement we need. Word of mouth and customer referrals are what have kept us in business.


What does this mean to you? We do not need to increase our prices to maintain our business. We pass our savings directly to you. We want you to be happy. We take customer satisfaction very seriously. It is because of you that we have survived and we strive to show our appreciation by providing you with high quality carpet and service at a discounted price everyday.

And we mean everyday. We do not have sales or one day specials. No midnight madness super saving nights. We do not work that way. The price you receive will be the same price tomorrow. We work with you. No pressure, no gimmicks. We believe in honesty and integrity. We operate our business this way and will continue to do so as long as we are in the industry.

We are a family owned and operated business. We always have been. We pride ourselves in offering friendly knowledgeable service and quality products. This duo is what has kept us thriving for all this time and will hopefully keep us in business.

We carry the Stainmaster brand exquisitely executed with the latest in vogue pattern which include Frieze Carpet, Berber Carpet, looped Carpet and Patterned Carpet. Check out our broker prices for carpet and flooring by calling us now. We serve Seattle – Tacoma with fine flooring.


We carry liberal financing terms to meet any budget. We are running a Stainmaster Carpet soft luxurious flooring at a reasonable price with the xtra life Label.

Most flooring stores expound upon their huge showrooms, designer staff etc. we keep the overhead down. Our carpet remnants for example are stored off-site to save on cost of retail space. We do not employ a large staff but seek to efficiently distribute at value. . We have a great selection Carpets that is solution dyed for only 79¢ A Sq Ft tile. Laminate Hardwood or Vinyl We have a Certified Floor Covering Executive on staff for any questions you may have for hard surface flooring or Carpet.

We carry a great selection of Stainmaster Carpet in our Puyallup Store. We provide rug binding service in house. We can create ovals, circles or rectangles. Our Rug Binding service is very reasonable ($2.99 ln ft) and we will offer our service to you even if you purchased your flooring product elsewhere. Rug binding usually has a 5 to 7 day turn around. We can rush a rug binding order for a small additional charge. We can provide pick up and delivery for rug binding in the Seattle or Tacoma area.

No Frills, No Sales People: No Nonsense

Serving [ Seattle] [Renton] [Kent] [Enumclaw] [Tacoma] [Auburn]
–Rug binding available in house.

-Free Estimates!

We accept; MC Visa and Amex.

Monsoon period is chilly and chilly and enables you to even more susceptible to colds also.

Also, when you have a 9 to 5 table job, there are likelihood of you obtaining a chilly conveniently. Because among your co-workers ‘ve got a cool and could become sneezing continuously as well as the bacteria pass on in the air flow making others sick aswell. 5. You’re Missing Your Workout Another reason behind catching a cool is normally you don’t exercise often. Regular moderate exercises can enhance your immunity. A report released in the American Journal Of Medication, researchers discovered that exercising increase your salivary immunoglobulin A amounts. It really is an antibody within the mucus that’s crucial for correct functioning from the immune system. When To Contact A Doctor IN REGARDS TO A Cold? The most frequent symptoms and signs of common cold include scratchy or sore throat, sneezing, stuffed nose, mucous draining from your own watery and nose eyes, high fever and muscle mass aches. Continue reading

Olympics: Norovirus outbreak tapers off as Games get underway PYEONGCHANG.

Olympics: Norovirus outbreak tapers off as Games get underway PYEONGCHANG, South Korea – Pyeongchang Wintertime Olympics organizers stated on Sunday that 11 new situations of a disease that triggers vomiting and diarrhea have been confirmed on the Video games, bringing the full total to 139. The amount of new norovirus cases is a steep drop-off through the 42 new cases confirmed on Thursday and 54 per day earlier. Organizers needed to call in armed forces personnel to displace them. As yet, zero sports athletes have already been confirmed to possess contracted the contagious disease highly. POCOG said several companies were cooperating to stifle the outbreak, with drinking water quality getting tested and inspections occurring at locations, restaurants, worker and hotels accommodation. Continue reading

The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation has said.

Last month’s trolley numbers were 7 percent less than November 2016 – 8,688 in comparison to 9,306 this past year. However, many private hospitals still experienced main complications, with University Medical center Limerick almost striking the 900-tag last month. The figures show the hospitals with the best quantity of patients on trolleys in November were:-University Medical center Limerick -University Medical center Cork -University Medical center Waterford -University Medical center Galway -Letterkenny General Medical center The worst hit Dublin hospital was Tallaght Medical center with 451 patients on trolleys. Continue reading

Psychiatric medications are not overprescribed for kids.

During the yr studied, less than 1 in 30 teens received a prescription for antidepressants, and only one 1 in 20 got a prescription for stimulants. ‘Our results display that, in a populace level, prescriptions of stimulants and antidepressant medicines for kids and adolescents usually do not seem to be prescribed at prices greater than the known prices for psychiatric circumstances they are made to deal with,’ stated Dr. Sultan. ‘These results are inconsistent using the perception that kids and children are getting overprescribed.’ General psychiatric drug prescription patterns in kids and adolescentsChildren within the youngest group accounted for the tiniest number of prescriptions for just about any psychiatric drug. Children accounted for the best amount . Continue reading

Handling editor of HealthNewsReview.

AS WELL AS THE Scientist Mag remaining without doubt about the type from the scholarly research in its coverage. Evidence increasingly implies that news releases certainly are a big area of the issue with regards to exaggeration and buzz in health tales. And with this news release evaluations, we carefully plan to, systematically glimmer a light on procedures that serve to mislead instead of inform. We wish these initiatives shall progress our objective of improving the general public dialogue about healthcare. Continue reading

FDA probes possible Becton Dickinson link to faulty lead tests.

Instead of generate useful antibodies, the tumor cells, because they grow, secrete huge amounts of an individual antibody that accumulate in the torso, leading to kidney complications and attacks. ‘The medication, LCL161, originated to market tumor death primarily,’ says Marta Chesi, Ph.D., a Mayo Medical clinic biochemist and business lead writer of the analysis of 25 Multiple Myeloma individuals. ‘Nevertheless, we discovered that the medication does not destroy tumor cells straight. Rather, it creates them even more noticeable to the disease fighting capability that identifies them as foreigner invaders and eliminates them.’ Mayo Clinic research workers will carry out a follow-up clinical trial of LCL161 in conjunction with an inhibitor of immune system checkpoints that is widely used in lots of cancer treatments to judge if LCL161 could represent a potential brand-new treatment option. Continue reading

Such as for example transmissions and winter.

Shears said their research proposes the individual counterpart to GBP is really a proteins called defensin BD2, however the character of it is binding partner happens to be unknown. He said it isn’t always easy for humans to avoid disease and environmental tension from influencing the amount of inflammation they knowledge. ‘But, you can find other steps they are able to consider,’ Shears stated. ‘Another section of our fruits fly study demonstrates avoiding excess calorie consumption, not really over-indulging in an excessive amount of carbohydrate and fats fundamentally, may reduce degrees of proinflammatory protein.’.. Defending against environmental stressors may shorten lifespan A shorter life will be the cost an organism will pay for dealing with the organic assaults of everyday living, according to experts at the Country wide Institutes of Health insurance and their co-workers in Japan. Continue reading

Hospitalizations for opioid make use of disorder increased from almost 302.

2) The ACP encourages the establishment of drug abuse programs as an alternative for incarceration. Treatment for drug abuse is normally a time-sensitive matter, that ought to get to individuals as as is possible shortly, including those discovered guilty of the sale or ownership of unlawful chemicals. 3) Policy manufacturers should think about reducing the punishments for drug-related offences committed by non-violent offenders. Officials should think about decriminalization, legalization, or treatment options for offences regarding certain medicines based on the risk connected with that medication, the availability of treatment in legal services, any disproportionate impacts on different parts of the population, as well as the potential reduction in prices of abuses. Continue reading

If you show a 3-year-old kid the following tale of little Maxi.

In the event that you request the youngster what another kid would be prepared to maintain the container, they shall answer ‘pencils,’ even though the additional child wouldn’t normally know this. Just a year later on, around age four years, nevertheless, they will recognize that the additional kid had envisioned chocolates. Thus, there’s a important developmental discovery between three and four years: That is when we begin to feature thoughts and values to others also to recognize that their values can be not the same as ours. Before that age group, thoughts don’t appear to exist separately of what we should see and find out about the globe. That is, this really is when we create a ‘Theory of Brain.’ Researchers from the Utmost Planck Institute for Cognitive and Mind Sciences in Leipzig have finally discovered what this developmental discovery is connected with. Continue reading

According to a recently available survey by physician recruiting firm Merritt Hawkins.

In a study the company carried out in 2008, simply 42 percent of physicians backed a single-payer system and 58 percent compared it. UU. UU. UU. UU. UU. La Dr. UU. QMUL experts gained usage of previously unpublished clinical trial data through a Independence of Information demand to the Euro Medicines Company . The Western european Commission happens to be choosing whether to slow its decision and grant a permit for the dental preparation from the drug ‘cladribine’. MS is a degenerative disease from the central nervous program affecting a lot more than 100,000 people in the united kingdom and 2.5 million people globally, and prospects to disability and significant lack of standard of living. Continue reading